Voluntary deactivation and reactivation

Sonographers may request to be voluntarily deactivated from the Register by completing the prescribed form. To reactivate their registration, they must pay a prescribed fee to have their name placed back onto the Register.

If the period of voluntary deactivation is less than 12 months, the CPD triennium will continue unchanged. In this case, Sonographers need to maintain a log of CPD credits while they are deactivated. However, if the period is greater than 12 months, a new CPD triennium will commence following reinstatement to the Register. Accrued activities will not be credited to the new triennium.

If the period of deactivation is 3 years or more, Sonographers will need to comply with ASAR’s Return to Clinical Practice Guidelines requirements in order to return to the Register.

Deactivation will begin on the date that the Registry receives request for deactivation from the Sonographer. Similarly, subsequent reinstatement/reactivation will occur on the date that the Registry receives the application for reactivation. Medicare Australia will be notified when an individual’s name gets deactivated and reactivated on the ASAR Register.

Deactivations and Reactivations cannot be back-dated.

It is the individual Sonographer’s responsibility to notify the Registry accordingly.

Application for temporary deactivation from the register

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Application for reactivation to the register

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