APRIL 2014 POL005 Privacy Policy

1. Preamble

This policy details our practices for the gathering, protection and handling of personal and sensitive information relating to ASAR accredited Sonographers, ASAR position holders, ASAR staff and other stakeholders. The Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry Ltd. (ASAR) voluntarily adheres to the National Privacy Principles.

2. National Privacy Principles (NPPs)

ASAR respects the privacy rights of individuals and organisations and voluntarily seeks to only collect, store and disclose personal information that is necessary for the operation of the Company, in a manner consistent with the 10 National Privacy Principles. Further information on the NPP’s is available from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

3. Objects of the ASAR

The objects for which the Registry is established are to promote high standards of medical sonography in Australia, including:

  • to set uniform, minimum standards of sonographer training and education in Australia;
  • to assess and to accredit programs of sonographer training and education;
  • to accredit medical sonographers;
  • to maintain the Registry;
  • to maintain a minimum standard of continuing professional development for sonographers;
  • to advance recognition of sonography as a profession; and
  • to advise education, government and statutory bodies and professional and scientific societies on any aspect of accreditation of medical sonography.

4. Scope

This policy applies to ASAR position holders, ASAR staff and other stakeholders.

5. Definitions

5.1. ASAR position holders:

5.1.1. ASAR Board of Directors

The number and nature of Directors is defined in section V of the ASAR Constitution.

5.1.2. Members of ASAR (the company) Members of ASAR (the company) are defined in section 14a) of the ASAR Constitution: The Members of ASAR are the individuals who are Accredited Medical Sonographers on the Registry in accordance with rule 10.b)2) who are interested in the Objects of ASAR who agree to become Members and who the Board in its absolute discretion admits to membership in accordance with this Constitution.

5.1.3. Members of Board Committees The ASAR Board may form committees to further the objects of ASAR. Members of Board Committees must adhere to this policy.

5.2. ASAR staff Examples of other stakeholders include: • Permanent employees • Temporary employees • Consultants

5.3. Other Stakeholders Examples of other stakeholders include but are not limited to:

  • Professional Organisations
  • Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s)
  • Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA)
  • Medicare Australia

6. Communication

ASAR’s primary form of communication is electronic, i.e. emails, e-newsletters. ASAR’s secondary form of communication is mail and facsimile. In order to carry out its functions and achieve its objects as defined in the ASAR Constitution, ASAR communicates with a number of individuals and organisations including but not limited to:

  • Accredited Medical Sonographers on the Registry
  • Accredited Student Sonographers on the Registry
  • Accredited Medical Sonographers who are voting members of ASAR (the Company)
  • Medicare Australia
  • Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA)
  • Individuals who have applied for entry onto the Registry
  • Professional Bodies
  • Imaging Practices
  • Hospitals
  • Education providers / universities
  • Vendors


7. Collection

ASAR collects personal information in order to carry out its functions and achieve its objects as defined in Point 3 and in the ASAR Constitution. Depending on the nature of the relationship with ASAR, this information may include:

  • Name, gender, date of birth, educational qualification, employer and employment position
  • Information relating to home, work or other address, phone and fax numbers, email and web addresses
  • Status of CPD and related activities
  • Accreditation status on the ASAR register
  • Status on the register of voting members
  • For employees of ASAR, information documenting tax file numbers, letters of appointment and employment contract, work history, bank account details, salary records and leave taken or accrued.

8. Use & Disclosure

ASAR will only use and disclose information in order to carry out its functions and achieve its objects as defined in point 3 and in the ASAR Constitution. ASAR provides personal information about sonographers on the Registry to Medicare Australia on a regular basis. This information includes the individual’s current CPD and accreditation status, and contact details. ASAR also provides public access to the names and registration numbers of sonographers on the Registry. The primary drivers for giving this access are:

  • To assist practices that are applying for accreditation under the Medicare accreditation requirements; and
  • To assist practices employing sonographers who require accreditation for Medicare purposes.

At all times, ASAR strives to ensure that the collection and storage of such information is fair, lawful and unintrusive. One of the objectives of ASAR is to support professional activities that advance the profession of sonography. ASAR may, after considering the merits of a research project, send information to Sonographers on the registry to facilitate that research. This material will generally be questionnaires or surveys. Sonographers on the Registry will have the option to opt out of receiving research material (see point 9).

ASAR will respect the decision of a Sonographer on the Registry who advises ASAR that they do not wish to receive research material. If a sonographer on the Registry receives research material they are under no obligation to participate. ASAR will not sell personal information to any organisation or individual.

here are a variety of reasons why ASAR is required to hold other information related to our obligations under relevant legislation, ensuring OH&S welfare of employees and allowing for appropriate insurance. Some material considered by ASAR, including accreditation submissions, may be confidential. ASAR will only disclose that material in appropriate circumstances in accordance with law.

9. Opt-out provision-Research

Sonographers on the Registry can notify ASAR in writing that they do not wish to be sent material for the purposes of conducting ASAR-supported professional research. Sonographers can also opt-out of receiving such material on application and renewal forms.

10. Access

All individuals are provided access to their information upon request. In order for ASAR to operate effectively it is necessary to have the most up to date and accurate information possible. It is the responsibility of all individuals to ensure that their details are current.

All ASAR data is stored securely and can be accessed by authorised ASAR staff and ASAR position holders. Limited data can be accessed by individuals on the Register with personalised logins and passwords provided to them by the Registry. Public access to limited information is available consistent with the requirements of the Department of Health & Ageing.

11. Website

Links to non-ASAR websites are provided for convenience and do not constitute endorsement of material at those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service. ASAR is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of linked websites.

12. Online Payments

Online payments are made through a secure payment system. All banking details are encrypted and are not stored on our server.

13. Complaints

Any complaints regarding this privacy policy should go through the ASAR complaints process. If you have any questions about this privacy policy you may contact:

The Chairman
Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry Ltd
GPO Box 146, Welland SA 5007
Ph: 1300 151 522