CPD Default

All Sonographer records are audited for CPD compliance at the end of their triennium.

If a Sonographer does not comply with the CPD requirements, a letter will be sent via the email address provided informing the Sonographer of their CPD default and the default obligations to remain on the Register. You will be allowed a short time to provide sufficient documentation of relevant CPD activities complete your obligation for CPD compliance.

If you are unable to provide sufficient documentation to meet the minimum CPD requirements, you will be notified that you are placed in CPD default – the requirements of this are listed below.

If the ASAR receives no correspondence within the specified time frame, the Sonographer’s name will then be removed from the Register and Medicare Australia notified accordingly.


CPD Default program

The Sonographer who has been placed into CPD default must complete an ASAR CPD Default form with a fee of AUD $170 including GST and forward to the ASAR Secretariat, instead of the usual annual subscription.

Once received and approved by the ASAR Board the applicant will be required to participate in CPD under the following conditions:

  • For the following three years, the Sonographer must pay an annual fee of AUD $170 including GST to remain on the Register

  • The Sonographer must participate in the ASAR CPD program and submit 30 CPD credits to ASAR within each 12-month period for a total of 36 months

  • A CPD audit will be conducted at the end of each 12-month period

  • The first 12-month period will begin on the first of January of the year following your CPD defaulted triennium

Following the final CPD audit, successful completion of this 36-month period will result in the Sonographer being returned to regular accredited Sonographer status.


Defaulting while in CPD Default

If at any point in this 36-month period the Sonographer does not comply with the outlined CPD and/or fee requirements, a letter will be sent via the email address you have provided advising the Sonographer that their name will be removed from the Register and Medicare Australia will be notified of the removal.

In this case, the Sonographer may only return to the Register via 2 methods:

  • Category 2 by enrolling in an ASAR accredited qualification and relevant fees will apply, or

  • Where the Sonographer already holds an ASAR approved qualification, the Sonographer may return to the Register following successful completion of an ASAR accredited re-entry program, (the relevant fees will be applied)



Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Registry may appeal the decision in accordance with the processes set out in the ASAR Constitution.