All Accredited Medical Sonographers and Accredited Student Sonographers actively registered on the ASAR Register for the purposes of Medicare Australia; are deemed as "Registrants".

Accredited Medical Sonographers have the additional option of becoming Members of ASAR Limited.



The Members of ASAR are the individuals who are Accredited Medical Sonographers on the Registry in accordance with rule 10.b)2) who are interested in the Objects of ASAR; who agree to become Members and who the Board in its absolute discretion admits to membership in accordance with the ASAR Constitution.

Rights of Members

A Member has a right:

- to attend and to speak at general meetings;

- to nominate, to be nominated and to be appointed a Director; and

- to vote a general meetings and on resolutions put to the membership.

Application for membership

- any eligible Accredited Medical Sonographer may apply to become a Member of ASAR Limited

- there is no additional charge for membership

- applications for membership must be in writing by submission of an Application for Membership of the ASAR Limited form

- applicants should refer to the ASAR Constitution Section III for further information pertaining to membership.

Cancellation of membership

- members may cancel membership at any time

- written request to cancel membership must be emailed to

- cancellation of membership does not affect registration status on the ASAR register.



All voting members of ASAR are entitled to nominate and be nominated to be appointed as a member Director of the Board, when vacancies exist.

Elections to determine a voting member to fill a vacant position will be run in accordance with Part V.35 of the ASAR Constitution and the ASAR Voting ByLaws.

Voting members of ASAR should familiarise themselves with what is involved in Becoming A Member Director of ASAR Ltd., before standing for election.