A minimum of 10 percent of Sonographers completing their CPD triennium will be selected for audit each year. Audit selection is random; therefore, all Sonographers must ensure that documentation of their CPD activities is up-to-date and kept in a safe place.

It is the responsibility of the individual Sonographer to maintain an accurate record of their CPD activities. Each Sonographer must retain their original CPD documents that must be kept for 12 months following the completion of a triennium to allow ASAR time to perform audits as required. Under no circumstances should original documents be sent to ASAR.

If a Sonographer is unable to provide verifiable documentation of CPD activity that satisfies the requirements of the ASAR CPD program, this individual will be removed from the ASAR Register. The Sonographer will be notified in writing that CPD default has occurred and Medicare Australia will be notified of the individual’s removal from the Register.

A Sonographer who has been removed from the Register due to CPD default can elect to re-apply to the ASAR Register in accordance with the Return to Register following CPD default removal procedures.



Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Registry may appeal the decsion in accordance with the processes set out in the ASAR Constitution.