ASAR is an ISO 9001 Certified organization

ASAR's Objectives:

The objects of ASAR are contained in section 7 of the ASAR Constitution

a) The objects of ASAR are:

1) to promote high standards of medical sonography in Australia, including:

i. to set uniform, minimum standards of sonographer training and education in Australia;

ii. to assess and to accredit programs of sonographer training and education;

iii. to accredit medical sonographers;

iv. to maintain the Registry;

v. to maintain a minimum standard of continuing professional development for sonographers;

vi. to support recognition of sonography as a profession and;

vii. to advise education, government and statutory bodies and professional and scientific societies on any aspect of accreditation of medical sonography.

ASAR’s functions:

1. Accredit sonography education programs within Australia

2. Maintain a register of Accredited Sonographers and Accredited Student Sonographers

3. Establish minimum standards of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and to monitor the CPD requirements for Sonographers to remain on the register.

4. To support activities that advance the profession of sonography

5. To provide registration information about Sonographers to Medicare Australia

6. To provide public access to the name, registration number, State or Territory, current type of accreditation and area of specialty for active Sonographers

ASAR's Role

ASAR is not a registration board.

ASAR does not have the authority to remove a Sonographer from the Registry due to professional misconduct, nor the ability to prevent a Sonographer from practicing.

ASAR is only able to remove a Sonographer from the Registry if they:

- fail to meet CPD requirements and or,

- fail to pay annual fees

ASAR Position Statement on Sonographer Qualifications and Areas of Practice

A sonographer is a highly skilled medical imaging professional who performs diagnostic ultrasound examinations of various areas of the body. Sonographers must hold relevant and accredited postgraduate qualifications in their area of practice to be listed as an accredited sonographer with ASAR. Accredited sonographers are required to document their continuing professional development (CPD) activities with one of the ASAR recognised CPD programs, in order to remain on the register.

ASAR Quality Policy

ASAR has adopted a Quality Policy to guide the delivery of its services to customers.