1. Why do I need to join ASAR?

Sonographers performing medical ultrasound examinations, either R or NR type items, on behalf of a medical practitioner must be:

1. Suitably qualified

2. Involved in a relevant and appropriate Continuing Professional Development program, and

3. Be registered on the Register of Accredited Sonographers

- as stated in the Australian Government Department of Human Services Education guide - Medicare ultrasound services 

This "Register" is maintained on Medicare's behalf by the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry Ltd 

2. When are my fees due?

Fees are due annually 1 April to 30 April for both Medical and Student Sonographers

The annual renewal fee is $110

Sonographers who fail to pay annual fee by 'close of business' 30 April will be made inactive and need to complete a Reactivation Form to reinstate status. Fee default $220 will apply to reactivation

3. What do I do if I have a complaint about a Sonographer?

ASAR is not a regulatory body

ASAR advises to check with the Medical Practice if they have a process for managing complaints

If you do not wish to lodge your complaint with the practice, you should contact the Health Ombudsman or Health Commission for the state you are in

4. How do I change my name on the system?

You will need to email a certified copy of your marriage certificate or name change document to registry@asar. The certificate must be certified as a “true copy of the original” by a Registered Medical Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion , Accountant , Solicitor, Bank Manager or Pharmacist

ASAR Admin will then update your details

5. Can ASAR assist with finding Student placement?

ASAR acknowledges that finding placement is a difficult process, however ASAR is not involved with the running of the accredited courses or clinical placements

ASAR suggests speaking to contacting the HR section of as many medical imaging practices as possible in your area, or further afield

If you know anyone in the industry speak to them about potential openings, speak with fellow students or even the course providers

6. How do I change my status from Student to Qualified Sonographer?

Students who have completed their ASAR accredited course can upgrade their status from an Accredited Student Sonographer to an Accredited Medical Sonographer by completing a Status change form which is located under Resources/Forms

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