Upgrade from Student to Qualified Sonographer

Status change from Student to Qualified Sonographer

Students who have completed their ASAR accredited course can upgrade their status from an Accredited Student Sonographer to Accredited Medical Sonographer by completing Form 1.3 Application for change of status from student to qualified Sonographer


The application form should be completed in full, all instructions followed and appropriate documents provided.


Please note:

  • All Student Sonographers who are active on the ASAR register or have previously been on the ASAR register must use the 'Change of status' form to apply for an upgrade of status to an Accredited Medical Sonographer

  • There is no fee applicable for change of status; unless a student has been removed from the register due to fee default or has deactivated registration

  • Students who have been removed from the register and wish to reactivate will need to complete a 'Reactivation' form, pay the appropriate fees and complete a 'Change of status' form

  • Should any student sonographer on the ASAR register (Active or Inactive) apply for a new membership instead of utilising the 'Change of status' form - the application will be rejected and no refund of fee will be applicable

  • All applications are processed within 24-48 hours and a confirmation email issued

  • Delays may occur to applications that are missing required information, appropriate supporting documents or occur within periods of high volume