The Charter provides a summary of the role of the Board of Directors in the structure and operations of ASAR Ltd. It should be read in conjunction with ASAR's Constitution which provides a detailed framework for the governance of the company. The Board is constituted and empowered pursuant to the ASAR Constitution and the Corporations Act.



The values of ASAR are honesty, integrity and transparency. The Board carries out the legal duties of its role in accordance with those values and having appropriate regard to the interests of accredited Sonographers on the Registry, accredited course providers, external stakeholders, staff and the broader health community in which ASAR operates.


The role of the Board is to:

Ensure the existence of an effective strategic planning system and the appropriate consideration of future development possibilities

  • Appoint the Executive Officer to implement the determined strategy

  • Provide effective oversight of management

  • Facilitate board and management accountability to the company and its members

  • Monitor the performance of the organisation (board and senior management) in meeting the objects defined in the ASAR Constitution

  • Establish and maintain a system of internal controls and reporting for risk and financial management

  • Establish and maintain effective communication with members of the company and stakeholders

  • Fulfill statutory requirements



In carrying out its role, the Board will operate in a manner reflecting ASAR’s values and in accordance with its agreed Governance Guidelines, the ASAR Constitution, the Corporations Act and other applicable regulations.



There are in place a set of management delegations to allow management to carry on the business of the company.