Accreditation Philosophy

ASAR’s accreditation philosophy is based on principles of co-operation, continuous quality improvement and outcome evaluation.

The Accreditation Framework

The accreditation framework establishes the standards, policies and procedures within which courses are granted accreditation for a specified time, having met transparent and defined requirements.


⇓ Standards for the Accreditation of Sonographer Courses (SASC)


The SASC provide specific criteria for measuring whether a course fulfills the defined requirements.

To be successful an application is required to satisfactorily address all criteria for all eight standards.

Organisations seeking accreditation or re-accreditation are advised that The Standards for Accreditation of Sonographer Courses must be read in conjunction with:


ASAR Course Accreditation Application Pack

⇓ The ASA Competency Standards for the Entry Level Sonographer


SASC Policies and Procedures

ASAR P&P 1 - Establishing the ASAR Course Assessor Pool – V2 03

ASAR P&P 2 - Determining Eligibility for Accreditation of Courses - V2 03

ASAR P&P 3 – Applying for Accreditation - V2 03

ASAR P&P 4 – Appointing the Assessment Committee – V2 03

ASAR P&P 5 - Assessing an Application for Accreditation – V2 03

ASAR P&P 6 - Reporting Accreditation Decisions – V2 03

ASAR P&P 7 – Appeals Against an Accreditation Decisions - V2 03

ASAR P&P 8 – Use of Logos Advertising - V2 03

ASAR P&P 9 – Annual Reporting Requirements - V2 03

ASAR P&P 10 - Complaints in Regard to Accredited Courses V2 03

ASAR P&P 11 – Review Continuous Improvement of Accreditation Framework – V2 03

ASAR P&P 12 – Moderation – V2 03

Definitions – Master List


Feedback from Applicants for Course Accreditation

In order to ensure the accreditation processes remains consistent with the principles of accreditation and that the courses accredited comply with the Standards for the Accreditation of Sonographer Courses (SASC) the Accreditation Framework will undergo an ongoing cycle of review and continuous improvement.

It is essential that all stakeholders should have an opportunity for input into the validation process. Those applicants who have completed the accreditation process are requested to complete the Feedback Form - Applicant for ASAR Course Accreditation.


Consumers and stakeholders of accredited sonography education must be confident that any complaints they have will be dealt with efficiently, effectively, transparently and fairly and that any quality issues identified are addressed.

ASAR is committed to ensuring that all accredited sonographer education meets the eight Standards for the Accreditation of Sonographer Courses (SASC). In order to achieve this ASAR must apply the accreditation principles identified above and ensure Course providers continue to deliver courses of the highest academic and professional quality.

If complaints are made about any ASAR accredited courses attempts should be made to resolve the matter informally in the first instance. If an informal resolution cannot be achieved, the matter should be investigated in accordance with the principles of fairness and natural justice for all concerned.

If you wish to pursue the complaint, please refer to ASAR P&P 10 - Complaints in Regard to Accredited Courses V2 03