ASAR constitution and governance structure

In 2012, ASAR adopted a new constitution and governance structure.

Under the old structure, Directors were nominated by stakeholder groups (professional societies and universities) which raised representation and equity issues. The former Directors were also the members of ASAR (the company) and were therefore accountable to themselves.

To improve transparency and accountability, a new Governance structure has been created that has Accredited Medical Sonographers (AMSs) as the members of ASAR (the company).

AMSs as members of ASAR (the company) in addition to being on the register can now have a direct influence on the strategic and operational direction of ASAR.

Becoming a member of ASAR (the Company) is:

  • voluntary
  • in addition to being on the ASAR register as an AMS
  • voting membership is free

Once admitted as a member of ASAR (the company) AMSs have the right to:

  • attend and speak at general meetings
  • nominate and be nominated to be appointed as a director
  • vote at general meetings and on resolutions put to the membership

The new ASAR Constitution provides a Governance structure that facilitates various ways to contribute to the work of and be involved with ASAR.

These include the formation of Committees by the ASAR Board as required and the option for the Board to appoint up to 3 independent Directors. Independent Directors may be Members of ASAR or other individuals with skills, experience or capabilities that the ASAR Board determines as important to further the objects of ASAR.

The ASAR Board strongly encourages all AMSs to become members of ASAR now.

To become a member, AMSs must submit an application. This can be done online by logging into the Member's Area on the home page and following 'Become a Voting Member' link on the Dashboard. Alternatively, you can print and complete the Application form. Please email to or post to PO Box 146, Welland SA 5007, Australia