Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD programs are utilised by many professional organisations to ensure members of those professions maintain a high level of knowledge and skills throughout their professional life.

ASAR recognises the importance of a CPD program to develop the ultrasound profession and to improve public confidence in the ultrasound service. The requirement to successfully comply with a CPD program for Accredited Medical Sonographers (AMS) in order to remain on the ASAR Register forms part of the Medicare Australia legislation. Within Australia, the Medicare rebate for sonographic services performed by a Sonographer is only payable where that Sonographer is on the ASAR Register. All Accredited Medical Sonographers must therefore participate in an ASAR recognised CPD program in order to remain on the register.  The recognised programs are:

  • ASAR CPD program

  • PD-asa CPD Program

  • ASMIRT CPD Program

  • myASUM Program

These programs provide a formalised mechanism of documented professional development in the form of CPD points that are collected by the individual Sonographer and logged with the relevant organisation.

Within each program, points are allocated under categories of CPD activities and a certain number of CPD points must be accrued within a given period.

Student Sonographers are not required participate in a CPD program.

If you have any queries relating to CPD that are not covered on the ASAR website under the CPD section, please forward them to: