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CPD Program Nominations

Monday 05, Oct 2020

The Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (ASAR) hereby advises that effective 1st January 2021, ASAR will remove the need for sonographers to formally advise ASAR of their respective yearly Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider.

The major change is that ASAR will conduct a single audit each year of 10% of ‘all’ Sonographers listed on the registry and whose triennium concludes on the 31st December of each year, irrespective of the CPD program a sonographer engages in.

All Accredited Medical Sonographers will be responsible for maintaining their ongoing commitment to CPD. All accredited sonographers will continue to participate with one of the four existing CPD programs conducted by ASAR, ASA, ASUM and ASMIRT in compliance with accredited sonographer registration under the Medicare Benefits Scheme.

Sonographers selected for audit will need to provide evidence of successful completion. Those individuals who lodge points in the CPD programs provided by ASA, ASMIRT and ASUM will be required to provide documentation indicating successful CPD program compliance for the triennium most recently completed 31st December.

Evidence of completion may be in the form of:

- CPD point activity loaded via the sonographer login

- A letter or certificate of successful completion from the ASA, ASMIRT or ASUM

Any Sonographer who is unsuccessful in the audit irrespective of the CPD program undertaken will be placed in CPD Default and participate in the ASAR CPD Default program until successfully completed. Sonographers failing to achieve the minimum required points total in the CPD programs conducted by ASA, ASMIRT and ASUM, will also be transferred to the ASAR CPD Default program.