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COVID-19 advice relating to CPD activities (updated 7/4/20)

Tuesday 07, Apr 2020

Posted 7/4/2020

Sonographer ASAR CPD and COVID-19 – advice to registrants

During these difficult times the ASAR wishing to express its best wishes to you and your family, we hope you are staying safe and following the advice of the Department of Health.

We understand that many Sonographers with young families are doing home care, home-schooling and working where possible, so have little spare time. Others may have been asked to take leave or have lost employment - but hopefully, this is temporary.

In response to your enquiries and the current situation, the ASAR Board (following the advice of the CPD subcommittee) have discussed the issues relating to CPD where face to face meetings and conferences are not currently possible.

It is important, especially at this time, that we maintain appropriate practice and be up to date with all scanning and health requirements for the safety and care of our patients. This is largely provided with CPD participation.

It is understandable to be concerned about how to keep up to date with CPD, however Sonographers are advised:

- that CPD relates directly to accreditation and you must continue to comply with CPD obligations

- There are many options for you to comply with CPD requirements

- You have 3 years in your triennium to obtain the 60 CPD points required – 20 points per year

- As a result of the limited access to face to face meetings (including conferences) the ASAR Board has decided to remove the cap of all web-based CPD activities for all trienniums that include 2020 –– this will assist you to complete your CPD activities remotely

- Specifically, CPD Codes 1B and 3A will now be uncapped – the ASA and ASUM will be informed to reflect this in their programs

- CPD item 1B includes workplace activities. During COVID-19 restrictions there are many options to keep sonographers informed about safe and appropriate workplace practice – all are suitable CPD activities. Previous face to face educational meetings that are now being held virtually fall into this category

- CPD item 3A includes all web-based activities – these will now be uncapped

- Webinars that require enrolment and provide a certificate fall into 1A and this is uncapped.


The ASAR understands that this is an unprecedented time for us all and will continue to monitor the situation. The website will keep you informed -


Posted 30/3/2020

The ASAR is aware that in light of the current Covid-19 health alert many imaging departments have been advised not to hold group meetings and may impact CPD related activities.

Don't forget that in your daily role as an Accredited Medical Sonographer or Student Sonographer the simple act of keeping up to date with current broadcasts and updates regarding Covid-19 through different media sources, contributes to your CPD activity. Completing a 'Learning Activity Record' can suffice in detailing how such an activity assists in your professional development.

CPD activities can still be undertaken by a variety of means:

• self directed learning activities at work or home, such as reading journal articles (Cat 3A)

• web-based individual education such as webinars ( Cat 1A), quizzes (Cat 3A)

• web-based group meetings/tutorials in place of face to face meetings - such as via Zoom (Cat1B)

For additional information on these activities and the documentation required, please refer to the website links at and