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ASAR Accredited Course

Conferring Body

ASAR Accredited Course

Australian Institute of Healthcare Education (AIHE)

40638SA Graduate Diploma of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound (General Discipline)

Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM)

Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (General)

Charles Sturt University

Graduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasound
Master of Medical Ultrasound


Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography

Graduate Diploma of Echocardiography

Monash University

Master of Medical Ultrasound, incorporating the Graduate Diploma (both the Master of Medical Ultrasound and the Graduate Diploma are accredited)
Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound
Master of Medical Radiations (Medical Ultrasound)

Queensland University of Technology

Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound
Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Ultrasound

RMIT University (Not accepting new students)

Graduate Diploma (Sonography) – not accepting new students
Master of Applied Science (Sonography) – not accepting new students

University of South Australia

Graduate Diploma in Medical Sonography
Master of Medical Sonography
Graduate Certificate in Breast Imaging

Western Sydney University

Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Sonography