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ASAR Policies and Position Statements

     ⇓  Quality Policy

     ⇓  Privacy Policy

     ⇓  Maximum Time Limit on the Register as an Accredited Student Sonographer

     ⇓  ASAR Position Statement on Sonographer Qualifications and Areas of  Practice

     ⇓  Appeal Against an ASAR Board Decision (excluding Course Accreditation Decisions)



Refund and fees policy

  •  Application fees apply to all registrants. Registrant fees are annual fees that apply to those who may be eligible to become an accredited Sonographer
  • You cannot complete your application unless these fees are paid, and your supporting documents have been provided
  • Our website contains our current fees. Application and renewal fees are not refundable so please take care when you complete your application and check the accuracy of the information that you provide