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Friday 30/08 2013
Policy Update Maximum Time Limit on the Register as an Accredited Student Sonographer

A review of all students on the ASAR register demonstrated that a small number of students have been on the register for more than five years. After lengthy discussions the ASAR Board formulated a policy on the Maximum Time Limit on the Register as an Accredited Student Sonographer.

Whilst the policy was initially approved by the ASAR Board in late 2012, further advice and feedback on the policy was sought by the ASAR Board. As a result, some changes have been made to the policy to ensure that the purpose and intent of the policy is clear.

The policy aims to ensure student sonographers successfully complete their ASAR accredited courses, in an appropriate and timely manner. It is in no way intended to be a punitive policy.

It is important to note that this policy does not automatically exclude students who require extended periods to successfully complete their ultrasound course. There is the provision for students to continue on the register by providing a satisfactory explanation to the ASAR Board as to why there has been a delay in course completion and a proposed timeline for completion.

The key points of this policy include:
Maximum time individuals may be on the ASAR register as a student sonographer

  • Generally, the maximum time individuals may be on the ASAR register as a student sonographer is five years from the date of initial entry onto the register.
  • However, as some currently ASAR accredited courses permit completion over longer periods of time, this may be an exception to the general rule.

Students on the register in their fifth year

  • Will be required to provide evidence of enrolment and progression through their accredited course twice a year; dated after 31 March (first half of year) and 31 August (second half of year).
  • The Board will require students to provide supporting evidence to justify a time extension if during the fifth year on the register as a student sonographer circumstances occur that require a time extension to complete their course.
  • Students who are completing courses of longer than five years duration should note this fact, but they will still need to show evidence of enrolment and progression.

Students on the register for more than five years

  • Will be required to show cause as to why they should be permitted to remain on the Register for longer than the general five year maximum time period allowed for student sonographers.
  • Each case will be considered individually by the ASAR Board.

Factors that the Board will take into consideration for delays in completion of studies include but are not limited to:

  • Medical conditions
  • Maternity or paternity leave
  • Being a primary carer for a family member
  • Bereavement
  • Loss of clinical placement