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Monday 05/12 2016
New CPD program from 1 January 2017

New CPD program from 1 January 2017
ASAR will introduce a new, simpler CPD program on 1st January 2017 following an approach by ASUM and ASA to increase the minimum number of CPD points in the ASAR CPD program to 60 per triennium. The new CPD program has a minimum 60 points requirement which will be phased in as sonographers commence their new CPD trienniums.
Details of the new CPD program are in the attached letters from ASAR to AMS registrar
For more information please refer to the  Frequently Asked Questions section 
The New ASAR Activities and codes are outlined in the table below

ASAR CPD Activities - reviewed September 2016




CPD credits/ hours



1. Attendance

1A. Attendance at national/international meetings,      scanning workshops and webinars 1 per hour of educational activity Certificate of attendance or receipt of registration & copy of program
  1B. Attendance at grand rounds, in-house seminars and      workplace training ( e.g. CPR, OHS) 1 per hour of educational activity to Certificate of attendance or CPD Learning Activity Record
  a maximum of 25 credits per triennium  

2. Publishing /Presenting

2A. Scientific or professional publication 50 (Peer reviewed, principal author*) Copy of published article including journal name, date and page numbers
    30 (Peer reviewed, non-principal author**)  
    25 (Non-peer reviewed, principal author*)  
    15 (Non-peer reviewed, non-principal author**)  
  2B. Conference presentations (oral or poster) at state, national or international meetings 40 (Oral presentations where individual       presenting work claims CPD credit) Meeting program documenting name of presenter and topic presented or Letter of acknowledgement/thanks or certificate
    25 (Poster presentation by principal author*)  
    5   (Poster presentation by non-principal author**)
    25 (Live-scanning workshop)
  2C. A presentation within your workplace or local area (including professional association branch meetings) 15 ( Oral presentation where individual presenting work claims CPD credit Brochure documenting name of presenter and topic presented or letter of acknowledgement/thanks
    10 (Live-scanning)  

3. Educational

3A. Self-directed learning to enhance patient outcomes and     professional skills e.g. research, reading relevant journal articles or texts, journal club, web-based activities other than webinars 1 per hour to a maximum of 40 per triennium CPD Learning Activity Record
  3B. Peer review of a journal article for a scientific or publication 1 point per hour to a maximum of 5 per article A thank-you letter or certificate from the publisher
  3C. Enrolment in an Ultrasound or Medical related Post Graduate   course, Ph.D. Provided by an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or University 40 per subject or semester Copy of university   transcript or letter of of enrolment
  3D. Completion of Management, Leadership course or Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 1 per hour to a maximum of 30 credits per triennium with a cap of 15 credits per activity. Certificate of completion
  3E. Preceptorships - attendance on-site 2 per day to a maximum of 15 credits per triennium Signed letter from individual providing the education outlining durationand purpose of the preceptorship

4. Other


Any other documented educational or professional activity. 1 per hour to a maximum of 30 credits per triennium with a cap of 15 per activity Letter or certificate of acknowledgement or thanks, CPD Learning Activity Record
  e.g. participation in relevant professional committee meeting,Clinical program,course or conference convening, mentoring,adjudicating or chairing conference sessions,examining within the profession. ( see FAQ's for clarification)  
  * Principle author is the first named author on the published paper    
  ** non principle author includes any listed author subsequent to the first author on the paper