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Wednesday 01/08 2018
GDMU course withdrawal update

The ASAR Board has discussed the announcement of ASUM's withdrawal of the Graduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasound course in July 2018 and its’ implications.

Student Sonographers are required to nominate and maintain their enrolment in an ASAR accredited program to preserve their eligibly on the registry as an Accredited Student Sonographer (ASS).

Considering the circumstances of those students enrolled in the GDMU at the time of its withdrawal, the ASAR Board wish to advise that any student currently working in a clinical role and on the ASAR registry, should contact the ASAR immediately. Students are able to maintain their status as a Category 2A – Accredited Student Sonographer on receipt of enrolment confirmation in another accredited program.

Alternatively the ASAR is prepared to convert eligible students to Category 2C – Conditional Student Sonographer if they cannot get enrolment in an accredited program at this time. This category will allow ex GDMU students to remain on the registry for a maximum of 1 year and allow ASUM to continue to assist students with transitional arrangements.

Please note that Category 2C is only available to those students who are Australian / New Zealand Citizens or a permanent resident of Australia. This category is not available to those students that have previously entered the registry under this category. These students will need to provide a letter from their employer stating that the applicant will enrol in an ASAR accredited program within one year.

Any student currently listed on the registry under a Graduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasound (GDMU) program that fails to provide evidence of ongoing enrolment in an accredited program, or request a transfer of status to Category 2C prior to the 31st August 2018, will be removed from ASAR register.