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Wednesday 15/08 2012
Application for Voting Membership

Contribute to the work of ASAR by becoming a voting member 

Further to the recent independent review, ASAR has adopted a new constitution and governance structure.

Under the old structure, Directors were nominated by stakeholder groups (professional societies and universities) which raised representation and equity issues. The former Directors were also the members of ASAR (the company) and were therefore accountable to themselves.

To improve transparency and accountability, a new Governance structure has been created that has Accredited Medical Sonographers (AMSs) as the members of ASAR (the company).

Once admitted as a member of ASAR (the company) AMSs have the right to:

  • attend and speak at general meetings
  • nominate and be nominated to be appointed as a director
  • vote at general meetings and on resolutions put to the membership

AMSs as members of ASAR (the company) in addition to being on the register can now have a direct influence on the strategic and operational direction of ASAR.

The new ASAR Constitution allows for up to 10 Directors of which 3 may be appointed by the Board.

To facilitate the transition to the new structure, all existing ASAR Directors will continue in their positions until new Directors are progressively appointed from next year.

Nominations for the first new Director positions will be accepted before the 2013 Annual General Meeting, the date of which will be announced later in the year.

Becoming a member of ASAR (the Company) is:

  • free
  • voluntary
  • in addition to being on the ASAR register as an AMS

The ASAR Board strongly encourages all AMSs to become members of ASAR now.

To become a member AMSs must submit an application. This can be easily done online any time by logging into your member profile or by downloading, completing and submitting the application form.

If you require any further information or assistance with your application, please contact Office Manager via email at: