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Thursday 11/09 2014
ASAR Newsletter September 2014

2014 ASAR Ltd Board Elections 

In May 2014, two Member Director positions became vacant. Elections were held for a voting member to fill each of the vacant positions and the successful candidates were Jennifer Parkes and Michelle Pedretti who have been appointed for a three year term.

In August 2014, three members were appointed as a Director on the ASAR Board for a two year term to fill casual vacancies being Diane Jackson (to fill the position vacated by the early retirement of Ms Alison Lee Tannock, for a one year term), Joanne Lomas and Karen Pollard.

The ASAR board would like to congratulate the new directors and welcomes them to the Board.

The ASAR Board for 2014 is:

  • Michelle Pedretti (Chair)
  • Faye Temple (Deputy Chair)
  • Margaret Condon
  • Toni Halligan
  • Diane Jackson
  • Joanne Lomas
  • Paul Lombardo
  • Jennifer Parkes
  • Karen Pollard

English recruitment company using the name "ASAR Recruitment" 

Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (”ASAR”) provides accreditation for ultrasound education programs in Australia as well as maintaining a register of accredited and student sonographers.

ASAR does not provide recruitment services for employers or job-seeking services for ultrasound professionals, either nationally or internationally.

It has come to ASAR’s attention that an English Company called “ASAR Recruitment” has been contacting employers and encouraging individuals to contact it in relation to recruitment and seeking jobs.

ASAR Recruitment is neither a division of ASAR nor an associated entity.

ASAR neither endorses or supports the services provided by ASAR Recruitment.
Please note that as the register of accredited sonographers we do not and cannot guarantee that overseas qualified sonographers will gain registration in Australia. Any representations by ASAR Recruitment that it can assist in the process of registering professionals in Australia is given without the support of ASAR.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  triennium ending 31 December 2014

Accreditation with ASAR is dependent upon each AMS fulfilling CPD requirements of their nominated ASAR-approved CPD program. ASAR monitors CPD accrual and performs an annual audit of all AMS who have completed their triennium.

2,329 sonographers completed their triennium in 31/12/2013. 232 were randomly selected for audit, 2,324 passed and 5 failed. 1625 sonographers completed the ASAR CPD program, 123 the AIR program, 496 the PD-asa and 85 MOSSIP.

Sonographers are reminded to maintain their records and evidence of the CPD activities that are logged in the nominated programs.

For all AMS whose triennium ends on 31 December, 2014 you must have satisfied the requirements of your nominated ASAR-approved CPD program by 31 December 2014.

Common problems with CPD audit 

There are a number of common problems encountered with CPD audit which are brought to the attention of sonographers:

  1. Non-relevant courses claimed
  2. Tax invoice provided but no evidence to support hours claimed e.g. conference programme
  3. Certificates provided but points not logged
  4. CPD cannot be claimed for social functions
  5. Documentation should be provided sequentially
  6. Certificate of attendance needs to state time and length of activity. If this is not on the certificate then the program needs to be supplied
  7. All points claimed must have supporting documentation or they will not be counted
  8. It is the responsibility of sonographer to submit relevant documentation
  9. Sonographers are encouraged to submit more than the minimum requirements in case some points logged aren’t approved

AMS on Maternity Leave 

Sonographers who are going on maternity leave and are expecting to be out of clinic practice for 12 months or more are encouraged to deactivate from the ASAR registry for the period of maternity leave. Deactivation is undertaken by completing the prescribed form on the ASAR website.

ASAR Office 

Debbie Suann, who had been with the company for 10 years retired in May. Mr Colin Duggan has been appointed as the new Office Manager and commenced in early June.