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Wednesday 07/03 2012
ASAR Newsletter March 2012

Renewal Notices for 2012 and Beyond

Please note that from 2012 onwards renewal notices will be sent electronically to your nominated e-mail address.

Please ensure that your contact details are correct by visiting your profile on-line.

ASAR will ensure you receive ample notice of the due date for your renewal.

If you have not yet provided a current email address to ASAR please provide one at your earliest convenience.

ASAR's proposed new Governance Structure

ASAR is working towards a new Governance structure.

Under the proposed Governance structure, Members of ASAR will consist of all active Accredited Sonographers on the Registry.

Active ASAR Accredited Sonographers are those Sonographers who have met the requirements for admission to the Register of Accredited Medical, or Student Sonographers and have paid any applicable fees.

Voting rights would be one vote for each Accredited Sonographer Member. Student Members would not have a vote.

The Board would comprise 7 Directors, who are Accredited Sonographers elected by the Members, and up to 2 specialist Directors who are appointed by the Board.

Membership for the purposes of voting and electing the ASAR Board will be voluntary and is completely separate from the requirement for Sonographers to maintain their status as an Accredited Sonographer on the Registry.

An information paper on the proposed new Governance Structure is available from the ASAR website: ASAR Proposed Governance Structure Dec 2011

ASAR welcomes feedback on the proposed new Governance structure. Please email feedback to:

New Website

ASAR’s new website and online database is up and running.

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the new website.

Some of the features of the new website include:

  • Instant updating of CPD records entered by Sonographers on the Registry
  • Instant updating of contact information by Sonographers on the Registry
  • Sonographers on the Registry have access to all information in their individual member profile
  • Sonographers on the Registry are able to print out their own CPD activity reports
  • Interactive PDF forms that can be filled out and emailed directly to ASAR
  • PDF print out of Accreditation Status available to individual Sonographers (this replaces the ASAR Registration card)

Note that the Public Register of Accredited Sonographers remains available on the new website.

Online Database FAQs 

How do I login to my personal profile?
To login to your personal profile you need to have a valid email address on your profile.

You access your profile by going to the members area of the ASAR website at, and logging in with your email address and password

You should have been emailed a password when the new system went live in December 2011. If you do not have a password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login screen.

I paid my renewal online but it is not showing up as paid in my profile!
ASAR uses Secure Pay, which is an online payment gateway. When you pay your renewal it can take up to 24 hours for the payment to be recorded in your profile. This is because the online database runs a “house keeping” process overnight that updates all records.

Is the payment gateway secure?
The payment gateway is secure. ASAR is using Secure Pay, which has been in existence for over 10 years.

Why do I receive email reminders stating that currently there are one or more tasks that may require attention in the near future?
The online database generates automated personal reminders for individual Sonographers on the Registry.

The automated reminders are sent fortnightly.

You may receive a reminder regarding one or more of the following:

• Evaluation period renewal is pending the resolution of other issues
• Requirements for ASAR CPD Program have not been satisfied
• Non-ASAR CPD report pending
• Requirements for a non-ASAR CPD Program have not been satisfied
• Annual confirmation of CPD Program required
• Visa expiring within 90 days
• Visa expired
• Audit of CPD not satisfied
• CPD Points Reminder
• New Invoice
• Overdue Invoice

How do I nominate my CPD Program for 2012?
Each year at renewal time, Accredited Medical Sonographers on the Registry need to nominate their CPD program for the year.

This can now be done online in your member profile.

Will I still receive an ASAR registration card?

From 2012, ASAR will no longer be mailing the plastic ASAR registration cards.

All active Sonographers on the Registry with no outstanding issues are able to generate a confirmation of their membership from their personal profile.

The confirmation generated from your profile contains the same information that was previously provided on the ASAR registration card.

How do I get assistance if I am having problems with my personal profile?
You can lodge a ticket with the support desk by clicking on member support on the homepage of the website, email: or call ASAR on (02) 8850 1144.

ASAR's Role

ASAR is not a registration board.

ASAR does not have the authority to remove a Sonographer from the Registry due to professional misconduct, nor the ability to prevent a Sonographer from practising.

ASAR is only able to remove a Sonographer from the Registry for failure to meet CPD requirements and or failure to pay annual fees.

Sonography is not yet a registered profession and therefore Sonographers are not yet included in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS).

Information regarding applications for entry of unregistered professions into the NRAS can be found on the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) website.

Medical Radiation Practitioners in the National Regitration and Accreditation Scheme

From 1 July 2012, Medical Radiation practitioners and students will be required to be registered with the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (MRPB).

Sonographers in the public system who are employed under any other title (e.g. Medical Imaging Technologists) need to contact the MRPB as these Sonographers may be required to register with the MRPB and meet their requirements.