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Friday 14/12 2012
ASAR Newsletter December 2012


Renewal Notices for 2013
2013 Fees
Contribute to the work of ASAR
Discipline Specific Areas of Sonography Practice Recognised by ASAR 

Renewal Notices for 2013 

Please note that renewal notices for 2013 will be sent electronically to your nominated email address.

If you joined the registry between 1 July 2012 and 31 December 2012 your renewal fee for 2013 will be waived.

Renewals for Accredited Medical Sonographers will commence in early February 2013.

For Accredited Medical Sonographers whose triennium ends on 31 December 2012, you must have met ASAR’s CPD requirements, before your renewal can be processed.

Renewals for Accredited Student Sonographers will commence in late March 2013.


Please ensure that your contact details including your email address are correct by visiting your profile on-line or contacting the ASAR office on (02) 8850 1144.

ASAR will ensure you receive ample notice of the due date for your renewal.

2013 Fess 

AMS Renewal : $99.00 including GST
CPD Default Renewal:$150.00 including GST
Student Renewal: $99.00 including GST
Temporary Residents Renewal: $99.00 including GST
Accreditation Fee (new applicants): $99.00 including GST
Reactivation: $55.00 including GST
Re-application Fee: $200.00 including GST
Bank fee for dishonoured cheque: $9.00
Duplicate Certificate: $20.00 including GST

Please note that unless requested, receipts for payment of fees will not be posted.
A paid tax invoice can be printed out from your online personal profile.

Contribute to the work of ASAR 

Course Assessment Committee (CAC)
Commitment to providing high standards of medical sonography in Australia

ASAR is committed to promoting high standards of medical sonography in Australia which includes setting uniform, minimum standards of Sonographer education by assessing and accrediting courses in all disciplines of sonography.

The CAC reviews all evidence provided by the Course Provider seeking course accreditation against the ASAR Standards for the Accreditation of Sonographer Courses (SASC) and makes a recommendation to the ASAR Board of Directors in regard to the outcome of the applications for accreditation; however only the Board of Directors can determine the status of courses seeking accreditation.

Members of the CAC are selected from the ASAR Course Assessor Pool, which is a cohort of people approved by the Board who have skills and expert knowledge of sonography, specialist disciplines, and/or expertise in education and training.

The ASAR Board of Directors is seeking Course Asessors for the pool. Interested individuals are requested to complete and return the Expression of Interest Form.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee
The ASAR Board of Directors invites individuals with relevant experience and skills to join the ASAR Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee. Please refer to the draft terms of reference for the CPD Committee for detailed information on the functions of the committee.

Interested individuals are requested to complete and submit the Expression of Interest form.

Expressions of Interest will be considered by the ASAR Board who will then select those candidates that best fit the purpose and functions of the CAC and CPD Committee.

Discipline Specific Areas of Sonography Practice Recognised by ASAR 

A sonographer is a highly skilled medical imaging professional who performs diagnostic ultrasound examinations of various areas of the body. Sonographers must hold relevant and accredited postgraduate qualifications in their area of practice to obtain accreditation with ASAR, and need to maintain accreditation by documenting their continuing professional development (CPD) activities with one of the ASAR recognised CPD programs.

Several areas of discipline specific practice are recognised by ASAR:

  • General – abdomen, male and female pelvis, obstetrics, musculoskeletal, superficial parts (e.g.breast, thyroid), general vascular, paediatrics.
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology – obstetrics, female pelvis, maternal abdomen, thyroid and breast, neonatal ultrasound examinations.
  • Vascular – dedicated vascular ultrasound imaging, including but not limited to the abdominal vessels, fistula mapping (for dialysis), venous incompetancy mapping, arterial and venous studies of the upper and lower limbs, head and neck.
  • Cardiac – paediatric and adult cardiac anatomy, function, physiology at rest, with exercise, during intervention (e.g. drug infusion, device deployment).
  • Breast – dedicated ultrasound breast imaging, including interventional techniques and the correlation of examinations from other breast imaging modalities (e.g. mammography and MRI).