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Meeting Program Providers Applying for ASAR CPD Credits

CPD Credit Allocation

Wherever possible the meeting / program provider is to calculate the CPD credits using the guide in Table 1. If this is not possible, a Request for a CPD Credit Allocation form is to be submitted to the secretariat for allocation of credits.

CPD credit allocation is based on the duration, level of involvement and type of program. The co-ordinator / organiser may apply for a whole years’ program in advance. Application may be made for programs retrospectively but prospective applications are preferable.

     ⇓  Form 2.2 - CPD Credit Allocation

Certificate of Attendance

It is desirable for co-ordinators/organisers to provide attendees with a certificate of attendance. This certificate should clearly state the following information: 

  • meeting / program title
  • convenor’s name
  • date
  • participant’s name (may be handwritten)
  • allocated CPD Credits
  • ASAR Activity Code
  • Postcode of location of meeting

     ⇓  Form 2.5 - CPD Certificate of Attendance